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Our Vission

Our vision is to become the most comprehensive repository for information (historic, current and planned) on the built environment, with intuitive and optimized views of the information for:

  • AEC Firms (Architecture, Engineering and Construction)
  • Facility Owners and Managers
  • Security Holders
  • Governing Authorities

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve how information about the built environment is created, collected, organized, and stored for retrieval

Our Values

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The Problem

predominantly a paper exercise. Even tablet and digital services are simply paper analogs with limited functionality

consumption further filters and strips valuable information to force-fit it into a static paper form-factor

in-house and are prone to error (88% of all Excel Spreadsheets have errors in their formulas

inspections, and similar are not enforced or facilitated for the content creators, and thus are ignored or inaccurate. This is a liability issue for all parties.

information is fragmented, decentralized, and has no common search methodology

but virtually invisible, even if the possessor wants it available for reference

indexingof the information is sub-optimal, further obfuscating valuable information

for the content creator is not extended beyond the primary customer

information have no incentive to share previous work effort

could be avoided if contemporaneous or historical artifacts were available

21st Century Information Forced Into 19thCentury Formats

  • Output that includes and conforms to industry standards, automatically provided to the content creator as the artifacts are gathered and the output is compiled.
  • Output that is protected and traceable, to prevent unauthorized use and to assure downstream revenue potentia
  • Streamlined and intuitive interfaces that facilitate rapid and thorough information gathering and output production
  • A cloud-based data model and retrieval paradigm that surfaces all artifacts for interested parties, whether included in the final output or simply retained by the content creator for potential futureuse
  • A service that is intuitive and interactive for the content producer and the various content consumers (AEC, Facility Owners, Security Holders and Governing Authorities)
  • A cloud-based service that allows users to create multi-media reports which preserve all the formats needed by the target entities (picture, audio, video, 3D images, sketches, thermal images, non-invasive penetrating images, instrument readings, third-party datapoints, etc.)
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Commercial buildings in the US as of 2018, which is 6% more than in 2012


Square feet of floor space as of 2018, which is 11% more than in 2012

Both new

And existing buildings are constantly subject to new document needs


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