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The Built Environment

The built environment touches all aspects of our lives, encompassing the buildings we live in, the distribution systems that provide us with water, gas, and electricity, and the roads, bridges, and transportation systems we use to get from place to place.

It can generally be described as the man-made or modified structures that provide people with living, working, and recreational spaces. Creating all these spaces and systems requires enormous quantities of materials.

About Us

Executive Summary

The Demand for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Documentation is Increasing Exponentially

Every stage of the built environment life cycle requires more and more documentation, including inspection reports, test results, and compliance certification

Most created documents have value to multiple parties, but usually only requestor and provider is aware of the information

If information is to be made more broadly available, it must be protected and monetizable to the creator

Pulsar Memory Leverages a “TurboTax” Approach for AEC

Pulsar Memory has a data structure that follows the OmniClass (MasterFormat) organization, with searchability on any attribute, including physical, geospatial and temporal

Pre-configured templates walk AEC professionals through their selected inspection or certification document, reducing time to revenue with greater compliance assurance

Drag and Drop Authoring Tools allow new content classes to be created quickly by subscribers

All artifacts and information elements are available for future work and downstream purchases, at the creators’ discretion